Itinerary Planning

Are you planning a trip to Europe, but don’t know where to start? Does the thought of reading through guidebooks give you a migraine? Maybe you’re going on a trip with a multi-generational group and struggling to balance competing priorities? Are you so overwhelmed at the thought of all the to-dos that you don’t think you’ll ever get to actually enjoy your vacation? Do you want a real live person to create a customized itinerary just for you? That’s where I come in!

I offer destination-specific advice and personalized itinerary planning services for European vacations (including Iceland). If you hire me to plan your trip itinerary, I will create a trip plan that is based your specific interests, travel style, budget, timetable, appetite for adventure, preferred mode of transportation, and activity level. I’ve planned countless trips for my own vacations, as well as for family and friends. In addition, I’ve poured through guidebooks, read travel articles and blog posts, and done the research even for places I’ve never been (I’m constantly planning our next trip!), so I’m confident that I can leverage that knowledge to create an amazing, customized itinerary for your vacation!

When you hire me, you will get:

  • Advice on picking a destination, how many nights to spend in each city, when to travel, and what to pack
  • A destination overview including instructions on how to get to and from the airport or train station, a list of quirky local customs to be aware of, descriptions of famous regional dishes and beverages, information on how to navigate public transportation, and a summary of sightseeing tips and tricks
  • A complete detailed daily plan of what to do, how to get there, and recommendations of what to eat and drink along the way
  • Electronic and printed copies of your daily itinerary, conveniently packaged so you can take them on with you on your trip
  • A comprehensive list of which reservations to make and which tickets to buy ahead of time so you can save countless hours waiting in unnecessary lines
  • Hotel recommendations based on your preferences and budget
  • A guidebook for your destination, with all relevant chapters flagged and important information highlighted

Looking for a specific example of what a “detailed daily itinerary” would be? Here’s an example of a short version and a long version (you’ll receive both as part of your package).

So what are you waiting for? Make the first step in getting your personalized trip to Europe nailed down by contacting me today. Sit back, relax, leave the planning to me so you can enjoy your vacation, stress-free!


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